Thomas Kahle's teaching


Sommer 2021

Courses this summer consist of asynchronous online lectures combined with synchronous meetings for exercises, questions, etc. This applies to both lectures:

and also the compact course:


Winter 2020/21

  • Forschungssemester

Summer 2020

All teaching in this summer is remote and mostly asynchronous! Anybody with a Moodle account can join

Winter 2018/19

Summer 2018

Winter 2017/18

  • Lineare Algebra I
  • co-organizing the IAG Oberseminar
  • MathCoRe compact course on complexity reduction (March 2018)

Summer 2017

Winter 2016/17

Summer 2016

Winter 2015/16

Summer 2015

Winter 2014

Winter 2013/14

  • Co-organizing the algebra seminar.

Summer 2013 (TU Munich)


  • Post-Doc assistent at summer school Algebraic Geometry for Applications, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA.


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