Thomas Kahle's publications



  • T. Kahle, J. Rauh, S. Sullivant Algebraic Aspects of Conditional Independence and Graphical Models, arXiv:1705.07411.
  • A. Constantinescu, T. Kahle, M. Varbaro Linear syzygies, hyperbolic Coxeter groups and regularity, arXiv:1705.01802.
  • T. Kahle, A. Wagner Veronesean almost binomial almost complete intersections, arXiv:1608.03499.
  • T. Kahle, M. Michałek, Obstructions to combinatorial formulas for plethysm arXiv:1507.07131.

Peer reviewed articles

The results of my research are freely available to the public. Please e-mail me if you have trouble accessing one of my papers. I try to keep the arXiv versions up to date and often they also have better typesetting than the published versions.

Conference contributions

  • T. Kahle On the feasibility of semi-algebraic sets in Poisson regression in Proceedings ICMS 2016, Berlin, pp 142-147. SpringerLink. arXiv:1605.00265.
  • T. Kahle, N. Ay. Support Sets of Distributions with Given Interaction Structure Proceedings of WUPES'06 (2006). Santa Fe Institute Working Paper 06-08-027. pdf
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